MOTO transactions

If your business receives orders by Internet, mail or telephone, you can still process credit card (and some chip debit card) transactions by enabling the Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) feature. This allows you to process transactions without the cardholder and their card being present in your place of business.

A MOTO transaction, also known as a Card Not Present transaction is a transaction for which the credit card is not physically swiped through a terminal. This type of transaction includes telephone, mail order, and internet.

The Need for MOTO Credit Card Processing. MOTO, which stands for Mail Order/Telephone Order, still offers many solutions for merchants who work from home or use catalogs and telemarketing as a major part of their business.

What is the Virtual Terminal payment service?

The Virtual Terminal service enables you to accept card and ELV payments from shoppers by phone or fax, and to process those payments through the payments service over the Internet.

Your business may also have off-line outlets / POS terminals (Points Of Sale) as well as online outlets, so accepting payment details over the phone and processing them via the Virtual Terminal service may be preferred for those outlets. For instance, with Internet sales you can offer your shoppers a choice over how they pay, and this may help make a sale to those who are wary of paying over the Internet via website payment pages.

You should always use the Virtual Terminal service for transactions of this kind, rather than use your own website's payment pages to enter cardholder details as if you were the shopper.

Any card that you can accept through your website shop can be accepted using the Virtual Terminal service. Processing charges are also the same.

Cardholder present transactions

Although you can use this service to enter details you have received from a shopper in person, the service was not specifically designed for this purpose. Accordingly, we do not recommend its use as such.

A cardholder present transaction carries additional responsibilities (retaining suspected cards for example).